Wooden Sheds & Garden Sheds in Barnsley

High quality hand made Barnsley sheds come with free delivery, fitting and wood treatment. For all your home and garden storage needs. You cannot buy a better hand-made shed in Barnsley!

pent garden shed pent-c wooden shed large bespoke shed strong shed flooring shed flooring with van on summer house standard apex garden shed beast shed
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Get a premium shed for a fantastically affordable price, by choosing Beast Sheds as your manufacturer of garden sheds in Barnsley and the rest of the UK. Every shed we build is manufactured to your exact specifications thanks to our simple ordering system, which allows you to choose the size, style and design features of your shed from a wide variety of options and extras. Our garden sheds in Barnsley are high in quality and low in cost; while delivery is fast and free.

Garden Sheds in Barnsley

Our fantastic garden sheds in Barnsley can update the look of your garden, and thanks to their expert craftsmanship and quality timber, they're guaranteed to look just as good for many years to come, with minimal maintenance. No matter how large or small your garden shed in Barnsley needs to be, and no matter what you need it to do, the Beast Sheds team of expert craftsmen can create the perfect shed for your needs. Simply choose the design features and dimensions you need, and we will use the finest hard timber to bring your designs to life.
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Wooden Sheds in Barnsley

Built to withstand severe weather and other aging factors, our wooden sheds in Barnsley are manufactured with wood that has been treated to protect it from fungi and the effects of bad weather. Our wooden sheds in Barnsley include security sheds, storage sheds and summer houses. All can be tanalised, which is a special kind of treatment which protects the wood from the effects of damp, rot and wood boring insects. Wooden sheds in Barnsley are a cost effective option but also a reliable and long lasting option, which only adds to the value.
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Our Ranges (Click images below for further information)

Below is our online shed catalogue of all the products we offer at Beast Sheds. All of these sheds include Free Delivery and Free Fitting*.

Garden Sheds

12x8 Apex Standard wood Garden shed
12x8 Apex Standard Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1738

Tanalised Sheds

13x6 Pent-A Tanalised wood Garden shed
13x6 Pent_A Tanalised Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1060

Security Sheds

10x5 Pent-A Tanalised wood Security shed
10x5 Pent_A Tanalised Security shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1129

Summer Houses

10x8 S2 Beast wood Garden shed
10x8 S2 Beast Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 972

Hipex Sheds

7x7 HiPex-C Standard wood Garden shed
7x7 HiPex_C Standard Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1016

Beast Sheds

12x8 Pent-A Beast wood Garden shed
12x8 Pent_A Beast Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1996

* Check delivery map for free area