Wooden Sheds & Garden Sheds in Leeds

High quality hand made Leeds sheds come with free delivery, fitting and wood treatment. For all your home and garden storage needs. You cannot buy a better hand-made shed in Leeds!

pent garden shed pent-c wooden shed large bespoke shed strong shed flooring shed flooring with van on summer house standard apex garden shed beast shed
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Pound for pound, you will not find a better shed on the market!

Look what we offer:

  • Free Fitting
  • Free delivery
  • Tanalised Floor
  • Security Hinges
  • Free Pad Bolt
  • Ledge & Brace Door

We are the only shed business out there to offer such services. For all your home and garden storage needs, if you live in Leeds you simply cannot buy a better hand-made shed!

In no time at all our selection of sheds can be made available and supplied in many cities of the UK including Leeds. Unlike a number of shed suppliers our organization endeavors to focus on swift delivery in addition to offering a quality range of sheds and products, if you need a hard timber shed specialist in Leeds we can assist you. If you are looking for a bargain, look no further! Choose from our extensive range of multi-purpose sheds, all handmade by trained craftsmen.

Garden Sheds in Leeds

Looking for garden sheds for storage of your tools & equipment in Leeds at an affordable price? Look no further! Bring your garden to life with a beautiful shed, hand made to the customers own specific requirements. Transform your homes garden in Leeds with a shed that'll sit nicely within your plants and trees, tidying up your lawn or yard!
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Wooden Sheds in Leeds

Check out our wooden sheds, treated for extra protection against fungal attack & harsh climate conditions. For the strongest protection against damp and rot, and wood-boring insects, our Tanalised range will be suitable for you. All our sheds are handmade by trained craftsmen and are delivered free to Leeds. So you get Outstanding quality and value!
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Our Ranges (Click images below for further information)

Below is our online shed catalogue of all the products we offer at Beast Sheds. All of these sheds include Free Delivery and Free Fitting*.

Garden Sheds

10x7 Pent-G Standard wood Garden shed
10x7 Pent_G Standard Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1010

Tanalised Sheds

7x5 Pent-B Tanalised wood Garden shed
7x5 Pent_B Tanalised Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1077

Security Sheds

7x5 Pent-F Tanalised wood Security shed
7x5 Pent_F Tanalised Security shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1309

Summer Houses

9x9 S2 Tanalised wood Garden shed
9x9 S2 Tanalised Standard shed. double doors Photo Ref. ID: 1263

Hipex Sheds

15x9 HiPex-B Tanalised wood Security shed
15x9 HiPex_B Tanalised Security shed. Photo Ref. ID: 610

Beast Sheds

12x8 Pent-A Beast wood Garden shed
12x8 Pent_A Beast Standard shed. Photo Ref. ID: 1054

* Check delivery map for free area