How Secure is Your Wooden Shed?

How to secure your shed

Published on January 13, 2014 by The Beast
Written in Gardening


When it comes to garden sheds, there are many important factors to consider other than storage capabilities. While having enough room for all of your gardening tools is one of the most important issues in getting a shed, there are other things to think about when deciding on a garden shed to purchase. One of the most important things you should consider is security.

Many people believe that a shed is the answer to protecting all of your valuable and essential gardening tools and supplies. However, the truth is that you need to think about the security of the garden shed. Think about it: There is really no reason for buying a garden shed if you do not consider the protection of the contents inside. There is also no sense in buying a garden shed that is not cheap in price and locking it with a flimsy padlock. You need to give your new garden shed the security that it deserves to have.

Reasons to secure your garden shed
Garden sheds are a target for thieves and burglars. It is a fact that most garden sheds contain items that are relatively pricey, useful, and easy to resell. This is why many thieves choose sheds to break into. They know that there are items stored in the shed such as power tools, lawn mowers, golf equipment, and bikes, to name a few valuables.

There are many ways to secure your shed, but most of them are simply not reliable. You can get a windowless shed or an alarm, but these will only do so much to deter thieves from breaking into your shed.

Beast Sheds Security Sheds are the perfect choice
The range of sheds available in the Beast Sheds Security Sheds range is sure to fit every one of your security needs when it comes to storing your valuables. Our sheds are solid, safe, and stronger than our standard garden shed range. You can count on solid security and strength from our Beast Sheds Security Sheds to protect your belongings. Not only do they look attractive, they can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Video of how a Security Shed door will stop a burglar
We take you through how we attach the hinges and then attempt to break in using the tools a burglar might use!

Video of the Security shed range’s hinge, lock, door & framework
Showing the way we bolt the hinges & lock on for our Security range of sheds. Please note, this is an ex-demo shed, so it may not be in the best condition!

Secure your garden shed from thieves while enjoying valuable space for all of your power tools and gardening necessities by buying a Beast Sheds Security Shed today!

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