Q&A - Can you get a 8x6 shed through a 6' 2'' x 2' 8'' doorway?


I am looking to buy a Pent B shed 8 x 6 feet. The access is through a garage door, fire door to rear & then through utility area with small outward door. This door is 6 foot 2 inches tall & 2 foot 8 inches wide. Would this present a problem with getting the front panel (6' 4'') or the roof through?

If you have any access restrictions taking the panels through to the garden be that through a side access or a house we would require images and measurements of the full route including and sharp twists or turns that may be on the route for our customer service team to assess. If there is any constrictions on the route we can manufacture the panels differently but this would come at an additional cost.

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