Q&A - Can I convert one of your sheds into a sauna?


I am interested in building a sauna in my backyard. I thought of building a shed and turning it into a sauna myself, by insulating it from the inside, etc?I would look to use a wood burning stove so will need to cut out either in the wall or ceiling a hole for the flue.Can you tell me what you think, if it is an achievable task and if you recommend anything for such a project? Ideally, would not mind having 3 rooms, the third to be used as a true shed, to store garden tools and wood for the wood burning stove.

The structure you are hoping to achieve sounds possible. The partitioning walls are no trouble, to create rooms - and our Beast specification sheds are ideal for insulating. Please use our ''sheds by size'' tool to create the structure you require. With each step or option you choose the price will alter accordingly.

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