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wooden shed benefits

Wood, the perfect material for a sturdy construction without costing the earth (literally)! We've always used wood to build our sheds, and we always will. By having a renewable source of timber (being FSC certified) we don't impact the environment negatively - our wooden sheds are environmentally friendly.

Cost effective

Don't be fooled into thinking wood is an expensive option compared to metal or plastic. We don't mind admitting that you might find a '6 x 4' metal shed from one of our competitors and see the initial price may be half the that of our '6 x 4' wooden version, because that's not the end of the story..

If you dig a bit deeper you'll discover our competitors shed might not include flooring, you probably won't get it fitted free and delivery will probably cost you unless you live in a very restricted catchment area. Plus they might use 3rd parties for the delivery and fitting (please see this article on the problems shed sites using 3rd parties)

With us, we keep it simple, the price you see is the price you pay. Our prices for Dip Treated wooden garden sheds start at just £288 and for Pressure Treated just £352. Don't forget this includes the flooring, the fitting and the delivery*!

Customisation / Personalization

Price really shouldn't be the only consideration. A shed should be an investment, especially the ones we sell, as they last years! When you invest in a shed you can't always forsee every scenario, meaning you might need to adapt it to make room for more storage or change of use! With wood, thats easy! Everybody has or knows someone with a drill or hammer! You can add shelves, widen the doors, add more windows, add window boxes and verandas or completely change the use from an everyday wooden shed storing your tools and lawnmowers to an outdoor office! And we offer all these customisations as options when you initially buy or even if you want them adding at a later date.

For more information on the benefits of using wood to construct sheds rather than the plastic or metal, please see this article on our blog.

Look no further, our main wooden shed ranges

  • Garden Sheds

    Start here for the basic wooden shed, choose between dip or pressure treatment.

  • Security Sheds

    A stronger range with more wooden framework for strength.

  • Beast Sheds

    The strongest range we do, thick timber framework and pressure treatment throughout.

  • Summer Houses

    Elaborately designed sheds with wooden verandas, window crosses, boxes and more.