Beast Sheds Security Sheds Defeat Robbers

Beast Sheds Defeat Robbers!

Published on February 7, 2013 by The Beast
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Robbers forced to leave empty handed after failing to break into a Beast Sheds Security Shed!

A customer who’d bought one of our Tanalised Security sheds woke up to mixed emotions last week. One wood panel on his security shed door had been partly broken off due to a robbery attempt. Although angry at the resulting vandalism, he was rather pleased that spending a bit more money on a secure shed had foiled the thieves and kept the bikes & various tools inside, estimated to be valued at over £1,500, safe and sound! Failed shed break in

The customer said,

As you’ll see, they’ve tried to prise pieces of the shiplap away from the supporting framework of the door, then break the framework itself. Although they’ve made a bit of a mess they ultimately gave up, so the shed did its job.

Our Security sheds have bolts through the hinges and lock instead of screws. They also have a “ledge & brace” door where there is more framework than a standard type. Smaller or no windows are also the ideal option to stop those burglars.

Failed shed break inShed too secure to break!