Beast Sheds Launch New Site to allow even more shed customizing!

Beast Sheds Launch New Site

Published on May 13, 2013 by The Beast
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For the past 6 months, somewhere, hidden behind closed doors, in a dark, slightly musty smelling room, website developers have been hunched over computers tapping away furiously without sleep to bring into light the all new Beast Sheds store!

Old and New Beast Site

Old and New Beast Site

The cleaner, easier to navigate website provides more ways than ever to fine-tune your perfect Beast shed and it rather brings shame on it’s competition. It’s hard to imagine how other online shed stores are coping because once you come across the only reason you would go elsewhere would be to find a cheaper alternative! And, like the old saying goes, “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”.

Known for being one of the only shed companies online that truly offer the “whole shed package”. You just won’t beat the quality and the seemingly unlimited combinations of sizes, layouts, options and extras! At the last count, the web developers have informed me their database has some 8000 combinations of different sheds. And that’s even before the customer changes the windows, doors, shelving, partitions or even add a cat flap! Not only that, to complete the package, Beast Sheds deliver and install the shed themselves as part of the deal! They really make the process so easy.

If using the Shed Customizer, by some rarity, you can’t find a combination to match your dream shed, then all you need do is email the helpful office staff a picture of what you’re looking for. They have been sent pictures of other shed companies’ sheds and asked to build similar!

Check out the latest and greatest Beast Sheds, I challenge you to not be impressed!