A radio competition to win your dream shed is nothing new to us!


Absolute Radio are currently running a competition to win a shed, and £15,000 to kit it out. They say you can design your very own “Dream Shed” and they’ll come round and build it. Not being big headed but it isn’t far from what we’ve been offering for years now! We might not be able to stretch to giving each customer £15,000 but we probably save you somewhere close to that over the years you own your shed!

Let me give you an example:

You’re using one of our Beast Sheds to store your Motorbike and all your tools, some little herbert tries to brake in but because you’ve bought such a strong shed he can’t, so we’ve then saved you thousands of pounds! e.g.

2013 Harley-Davidson FXDB DYNA STREET BOB – £11,000

Shoei X-Spirit 2 – Matt Black Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet – £500

General tools – £500

So that’s £12,000 saved there! I won’t go on, you get the idea!

We’ve also been letting our customers send in their designs and we then build it. So, if you don’t win the competition why not send your “Dream Shed” design to us!

Going back to the radio though, some of people’s dream sheds caught my attention for one reason or another. One of the presenters, Richie, said he would recreate an old fashion sweet shop on one wall – so shelves full of lemon bon bons and cola bottles. On the other walls he’d have a bed, a walk-in fridge and a cricket score board. So a bedsit in a sweet shop then!

A caller wanted to astro turf the floor and recreate the dug out of Upton Park football ground by installing Ricaro bucket seats and painting a fresco of the pitch!

There were plenty of bar conversions, with large flatscreen TVs, big comfy lazy boy chairs and micro breweries!

Other entries included:
“Dancing pole, big plasma with surround sound, jacuzzi, huge beer fridge, and a hatch to the street to accept pizza deliveries.”
“Soundproofed & home entertainment system installed so I don’t get ‘turn that down’ all the time .”
“An art & photographic studio for me to work in. ”
“Comfy couch, music system, mini bar & book shelf…….sorted ”
“kitted out so i can have a few chickens, with a small door on side so my new babies can get to their outside garden.”
“Big screen tv with only sports channels on, beer fridge full of peroni. A couple of lazy boyz and on the doors the definition of the word golf (gentlemen only ladies forbidden)”

And my favourite was simply, “The wife” !