Third Parties

What is a third party in business?
A separate company used by the retailer you are buying the product from. They can be used at any stage of the purchasing process such as manufacture, delivery or support.

If you want our advice (and you possibly do as you’re reading this!) avoid shed retailers using third parties.

shed company 3rd party

Example of a slimey 3rd party dealer some shed companies use

The reasons:
If you need help with a third-party product, you may not be supported by the retailer, you may have to contact the company who made the product instead.
Third parties will not be as concerned with the condition of your product as a company that doesn’t use any.

The solution:
Buy a shed from Beast Sheds! We are proud of our products and offer the full service you should expect from any retailer. Remember all our sheds are manufactured by us, delivered by us and fitted by us!


A straight talking fellow, 'The Beast' has worked with the shed industry for over 5 years, but has been around serious wooden buildings all his life. Born and bred in England, he was raised into a long line of big shed builders. His father constructed a shed with 2 floors, it was so large, passers by thought it was a church! His grand father was a carpenter, and passed his infectious love of wood and quality workmanship onto the man you read about today.