To help you negotiate all the choices you have to make before buying a wooden shed it might be easier to brake all the aspects of a shed down into its component parts:

Flooring (videos, pictures & details)

All our flooring is made to last! We use the strongest timber available to give the best possible base to our sheds. Don't under estimate the importance of the flooring, a weak floor will undermine the whole structure of the shed. As it is the first thing to rot we tanalise the flooring on all our sheds as standard!

Cladding & treatment (pictures & details)

We use tongue and groove timber to clad our sheds. We find it is a system that helps strengthen the shed even more. You can choose from 16mm to 25mm cladding depending on your budget or use requirement.

Framework (internal framework pictures & details)

All our sheds are timber framed. Depending on the range you go for, we offer 38mm x 50mm to 3" x 2".

Roofing (pictures & details)

Currently we offer just a wooden roof covered with thick green mineral felt. The thickness of the wood we offer is 16mm to 25mm.

Extras & Options (click to see all descriptions & prices)

From the windows & doors to the hinges, we have many ways you can customise your shed.