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About our floor support options and altering the shed structure

Floor support

We provide wooden bearers and runners, both tanalised to protect from ground damp and rot. The runners are attached to the underside of the floor boards when the shed is fabricated in our workshop. They provide further strength and durability to the flooring. You can add as many extra runners as you want to support the flooring even further if you intend to put your shed through exceptionally heavy duty use or your foundations are not ideal.



Runners and Bearers

runners and bearers

Increasing the height of your shed

We allow you to add upto 3 boards (each 4" / 10cm) to the sides of your shed. Obviously we also increase the length of the wooden framework uprights in accordance. Please note: if you are looking for a tall shed, the tallest sheds we offer are the HiPex range. We recommend you check this range out before choosing from another range and adding height to that.

Splitting your shed - partitioning

You can split your shed any way you wish with a wooden stud wall. Most of the splits will also require another door adding.