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Mobility Scooter Sheds

Why buy a mobility scooter storage shed from us?

Our flooring is more than strong enough for even the heaviest mobilty scooter (and rider!), and buying the tanalised option will mean it's easy maintenance! The ramp allows the scooter to be driven into storage, the double doors, and size of the mobility scooter shed allows the rider room to dismount easily! Of course you can opt for a smaller shed and push your vehicle in, the choice is yours!

mobility-scooter shed
mobility-scooter shed interior

On checkout tell us you're buying the shed to store a mobility scooter and we will provide a free wooden ramp (similar as shown in the photos above).

Buy a mobility scooter storage shed here

Ideas on use

Electric scooters require charging up, get an electrician to install power points inside your storage shed, you might also want to have a small fuse box set up as a safety precaution. For added convenience have some interior lighting installed, and have a security light put on above the doors so you can see your approach and obviously provide security.

Shed Metrics


A = Long Side x B = Short Side

Shed Details

Hinges 10" to 18" (Depending on Shed Size)
Padbolt 6"
Hasp & Staple 6"
Apex Eaves 5Ft 10" Internal
Apex Points 7Ft Internal
Hi-pex Eaves 6Ft 2" Internal
Hi-pex Points 7Ft 4" Internal
Pent Height 6 x 4 to 8 x 6
Pent Height Front 6Ft 4" Internal
Pent Height Back 5Ft 10" Internal
8 x 8 Pent Onwards Front 6Ft 8" Internal Height
8 x 8 Pent Onwards Back 5Ft 10" Internal Height
6 X 4 to 7 X 5 1 Window
7 X 7 to 10 X 8 2 Windows
12 X 8 to 14 X 8 3 Windows
16 X 8 Onwards 4 Windows
Standard Window size (approx) 20" x 20"
Roofing Felt 40kg green mineral felt
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