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Wooden Summer Houses

The Summer House range

Wooden garden summer houses can be a great addition to any garden, they can add beauty and functionality. Some people like their wooden summer house to look like their actual house. Some people want it to be the same colour and in a similar style. Other people want their garden summer house to be more majestic and almost fanciful. Either option can work well in a garden.

Summer Houses are Ideal for: An attractive addition to a garden or general purpose storage

In some cases our customers have sent us drawings of their designs and we have worked with them to create the ideal summer house for their garden requirements.
Positioning of window areas are usually in accordance with the movements of the sun to optimise natuaral light usage wherever possible. As with our sheds all wooden summer houses are made from the highest quality timbers available to us in the trade, and can be constructed from either standard (untreated) wood or from tanalised (pressure-injected treatment) woods.
We also offer a choice of timber specifications (e.g. cladding either 16mm or 22mm in thickness, and framing either 38mm x 50mm or 'Beast' framing at 3" x 2") We would be happy to calculate the costs of manufacture and send you a quote based entirely on your choice of building.


Summer House Reviews


(Average 4.5/5) based on 4 user reviews

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Don't forget, you can change any part of your shed, we've just started you off with the typical Summer House set-up!

Reviews on our Summer Houses

    1. Reviewed by Mrs Angela Saunders from Conwy

      Great service and good quality shed. I needed an early appointment and they arrived at 7:30am as promised. Just fnished turning it into a 'pub' shed called 'The Broken Arms'.

    2. Shed owned:
      10x8 S3 Tanalised
      Overall Rating:
    1. Reviewed by Hazel Brien from Ely

      Good quality shed, erected with no problems - thanks!

    2. Shed owned:
      12x8 S3 Tanalised
      Overall Rating:
    1. Reviewed by Patty Logue from Oxford

      Excellent workmaship, very quick delivery, superb service - the only way to buy

    2. Shed owned:
      6x4 S1
      Overall Rating:
    1. Reviewed by Jerry from Sunderland

      very good company to do business with.very helpful and approachable.good shed

    2. Shed owned:
      8x6 S1
      Overall Rating:

More detail on the Summerhouse Shed range


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