About all the types of door you can have on your shed

Door Construction, Hinging, Bolts & Latches

Exterior side is clad with tongue and groove wood and treated depending on what treatement you choose for your shed. The structure is made from the same wooden framework as the rest of your shed and is always tanalised no matter what type of treatment you chose for your shed, protecting it from the weather when left open! The door frame is usually 5ft 8" high.

You can specify what side of the door you want it to be hinged. We include a hasp and staple bolt as standard. Depending on what shed range you go for, the size & strength of the hinges will alter.

Shed Door Framework
Example of our standard garden shed door showing the hinges we use and hasp & staple bolt which allows a padlock to secure it. shed door hinge and hasp and staple bolt
Example of our security shed door showing the larger hinges we use, which are also bolted, and the bolted padlock protector we include. security door hinge and padlock protector

The Beast and Security shed ranges have the stronger, 7" X 2" Heat treated carbon steel heavy duty hasp and staple lock.

(see picture on right)

bolts and locks for our sheds

Door Types

Standard Door

2.5 foot (75cm) wide

Standard Shed Door

3ft Door

3 foot (90cm) wide

3 Foot Shed Door

4ft Double Door

4 foot (1.20m) wide

4 Foot Double Shed Door

5ft Double Door

5 foot (1.50m) wide

5 Foot Double Shed Door

Stable Door

2.5 foot (75cm) wide

Stable Shed Door